Industrial and Transportation Coatings

Paladin offers a range of industrial and transportation epoxy resin coatings. Formulators looking for solutions with excellent anticorrosive properties, zero to low V.O.C., adhesion to challenging substrates, fast cure and long lasting protection can benefit from our offerings.
  • Fast cure at low temperature
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Non-blushing properties
  • Surface tolerance
  • Adhesion to non-blasted, poorly prepared and wet surface
  • Universal all season solution

Paladin’s curing agents show excellent adhesion to difficult and unprepared surfaces. Various industrial applications use non blasted surfaces, which can be a challenge for coatings to adhere to. With our phenalkamine curing agents, this problem has a very stress-free solution. Cardanol based phenalkamines have excellent wetting properties, low viscosity, outstanding adhesion and hydrophobicity, allowing for long-lasting corrosion protection for superior durability on challenging surfaces. Additionally, our products can perform in the range of temperatures from -10°C to 40°C.

Incorporating Paladin’s diluents can provide flexibility and improve impact resistance of coatings without affecting other performance properties.

Adhesion test of PPA – 7224 LITE