Paladin offers high performance products that provide solutions in the fields of coatings, adhesives, composites and construction chemicals.

We, at Paladin, focus on developing and producing high performance products for our customers in order to build relationships that thrive in the long run. For us money is a by-product of the value we create.



  • Marine and Protective Coatings

    Marine and Protective Coatings

    • Low Temperature Curable
    • Long Overcoat Window
    • Surface Tolerance
  • Industrial and Transportation

    Industrial and Transportation Coatings

    • Excellent Adhesion
    • Corrosion Protection
    • Fast Cure
  • Concrete Floor Coatings

    Concrete Floor Coatings

    • Fast Hardness Development
    • Chemical & Solvent Resistance
    • Colour and Gloss Retention
  • Specialty Coating Applications

    Specialty Coating Applications

    • Tank Lining
    • Underwater Cure
    • Low VOC


  • Industrial and Transportation

    Industrial and Transportation Adhesives

    • Adhesion to Difficult Surface
    • Good Mechanical Property
    • Surface Tolerance
  • Adhesives for Construction

    Construction Adhesives

    • Excellent Adhesion To Concrete
    • Good Water Resistance
    • Mon Critical Mixing Ratio
  • Electronic Potting

    Adhesives for Electronics

    • Good Mechanical Property
    • Good Flexibility
    • Low Chlorine and Halogen Free


  • 2K Application

    2K Application

    • Excellent Strength
    • Excellent Chemical & Solvent Resistance
    • Renewable Biomass
  • 1K Application

    1K Application

    • High Bio Content Resin
    • Compatibility With Epoxy Resin
    • Good Water Resistance


  • Crack Injection

    Crack Injection

    • Under Water Curable
    • Excellent Adhesion
    • Low Viscosity
  • Mortar and Grout

    Mortar and Grout

    • Excellent Mechanical Property
    • Chemical & Solvent Resistance
    • High Bond Strength
  • Bonding Agent

    Bonding Agents

    • Excellent Adhesion
    • Water Resistance
    • Excellent Mechanical Performance