Marine and Protective Coatings

Paladin offers a broad range of marine and protective epoxy coatings. Marine coatings find their applications in military and commercial ships, pleasure crafts, off shore rigs as well as other structures subjected to sea or fresh water environments. Paladin's phenalkamine curing agents provide robust dual protection from corrosion and fouling, and their reliable performance stands the test of time.
  • Fast cure at low temperature
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Moisture tolerance
  • Non-blushing properties
  • Good surface appearance
  • Workable pot life
  • Flexibility and surface tolerance
  • Fresh water and sea water resistance
  • Adhesion to poorly prepared surfaces and wet surfaces

Paladin’s phenalkamine curing agents are designed to provide rapid cure speeds even at low temperatures (below -10°C), and provide excellent water and corrosion resistance. They can be employed as epoxy curing agents for primers, midcoats, top coats as well as direct-to-metal coatings for year round protection. Our phenalkamine and phenalkamide series present extensive options to the formulator to choose the optimum products for their specific application. We offer both solvent-borne and solvent-free curing agents suitable for marine and protective applications.

Additionally, formulators can incorporate Paladin’s diluents and modifiers to their coating formulations in order to reduce viscosity and make solvent-free systems. Cardanol based diluents reduce VOC content and increase the total solids of the formulation.


The term overcoat window can be defined as “ The range between minimum and maximum time permissible after application for coating to be able to accept, overcoating/top coating”. Paladin’s phenalkamides solve the problem of short overcoat window between two coats. The longer overcoat interval provided by phenalkamides is very advantageous to complex batch constructions such as ships, windmills and off-shore platforms. Structural components are first primed and then over a span of few months are periodically assembled at different locations to one final structure.

Formulators can employ Paladin’s curing agents to achieve excellent corrosion resistance to immersed as well as atmospherically exposed structures. The high degree of corrosion resistance can be obtained without the use of expensive anticorrosive pigments. Our phenalkamine and phenalkamide product ranges grant outstanding water resistance coupled with excellent adhesion on wet, unprepared and difficult surfaces such as stainless steel, galvanized steel, zinc rich surfaces, rusted metal, wood, concrete and aluminium.

Adhesion of Panels Over Coated With Top Coats

  • Over Coating With Epoxy Coating

  • Over Coating With PU Coating