Paladin offers a broad range of products based on renewable biomass that serve diverse fields of applications. Our products are technologically developed for superior performance while being mindful of market needs and customer satisfaction. Our technical team is dedicated to continual improvement of products’ performances to lead the competitive market.

  • One Pack Epoxy Resin

    One Pack Epoxy Resins

    • Cost Reduction
    • Ease of Application
    • Excellent Corrosion Resistance
  • Epoxy Curing Agent

    Epoxy Curing Agents

    • Broad Range of Products
    • Diverse Fields of Application
    • Green Technology
  • Diluent and Modifiers

    Diluents and Modifiers

    • High Biomass Content
    • Facilitates High Solid Coatings
    • Enhances Performance
  • Catalyst


    • Low Colour & Viscosity
    • Lewis Base Catalyst
    • Compatible with other Curing Agents
  • Construction Chemicals

    Construction Chemicals

    • Broad Range of Products
    • Superior Performance
    • Excellent Mechanical Properties
  • Alkyd Resin

    Alkyd Resin

    • Good Color Stability
    • Fast Drying
    • Polyol for 2K Systems